Artist's Statement

I am interested in the interface between technology and tradition, in terms of both aesthetics and technique. These elements complement one another in form, content, and inspiration. Throughout much of my art career the work has been created primarily from my own photography and constructed sculptures as well as specific places I have been particularly Italy (Venice), as well as current events. Having spent much time in Europe, I often appropriate overt references to Western art history which informs the work conceptually. Much of my art is closely aligned with print media’s long tradition of confronting socio political issues.

By exhibiting my prints, drawings and three-dimensional pieces together, I strive to demonstrate a conversation among these media. In collaborations with artists from other disciplines, musicians, and scientists, I have created work that pushes beyond the boundaries of what we call “traditional” print.

Current work has been focusing on environmental issues related to global climate change, as well as our state of constant warfare.