• I am interested in the interface between technology and tradition, in terms of both aesthetics and technique. These elements complement one another in form, content, and inspiration. Throughout much of my art career the work has been created primarily from my own photography and constructed sculptures as well as specific places I have been and current events. Having spent much time in Europe, I often appropriate overt references to Western art history which inform the work conceptually Much of my art is closely aligned with print media’s long tradition of confronting socio political issues.

  • Current Work

    Current work has returned issues related to violence and war: “Tintoretto’s Bullet”, “Bird of Prey”, “Falling Tower,” “Warrior #2”, “Tired Warrior”

  • Venice

    Work related to Venice, particularly the use of Murano based Chandeliers has been ongoing from 2002 to the present but often used in different contexts: “Lights Out”, "Dust”, “Dry Rain”. Other prints concern the continued environmental degradation of Venice due to the large cruise ships and hyper- tourism: “Aqua Alta”, “Shroud”.

  • Flying Creatures: Aspects of Human Nature

    From 2008-2010 I constructed three-dimensional “angel” prints on fabric, some based on Byzantine, early medieval and baroque angels/devils I have seen on my many trips to Italy, particularly in Florence, Siena, Assisi, Padova and Venice. I also used images of moths as sources for these flying creatures photographed in an Indiana University Biology lab. They represent the good, bad, fanciful, hopeful, hubristic, and spiritual aspects of human nature that resides in all of us.